TCP/IP two way communication

Have anyone tried the two-way TCP/IP communication via python module?

I modified the code published by Sicario The one way send or receive mode works well. I used VC as server terminal and python script as the client. When VC received one data, it will send one feedback message to the VC server. However, I found the socket is not able to use anymore when the server wants to use it to send a message. Here are my attachments (113 KB)

Try Redis. Message-oriented middleware(MOM) is a better way.

We tried this solution on the exhibition, got a very good result.

Refresh time is short and stable.


Virtual Commissioning - Real Robots and Virtual Layout


Close look for Real HMI and Virtual Layout


Hi.Recently, I was working on how to achieve the linkage between VC and physical robots. I found that the joint values of the physical robot can be shared through TCP communication, and the model in the VC can move according to the joint values. But I had a problem communicating with the two before, and I saw your answer when I looked up the information, and I can exchange data through Redis. You also provided the corresponding video URL in this answer, but now this URL is no longer valid, can you provide the URL of the relevant video?