Taking VC Academy lessons with KUKA.Sim 4.3

Hi. My KUKA.Sim4.3 directs me to the lessons in VC Academy but I only have access to the KUKA-specific models in the eCatalog. Do I need to buy a seperate version of VC to be able to access the library needed for the lessons?

KUKA.Sim and VC are different products with different purposes even though KUKA.Sim is based on the VC platform and thus share some functionality. I think you’ll need to use KUKA’s own learning resources instead.

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Which lessons do you need to do or want to do?

Thank you for your reply. Yes KUKA.Sim is really a remodelled version of VC with less components, so I was a bit surprised when that program directs the user to VC Academy without explaining that you can’t actually use the tutorials in VC as intended. And KUKA.sim has a very limited self-learning video library, but that’s life I guess.
Anyway, thank you for replying.