Synchronized start and execution of robot program and Work statement in process tab


how can i synchronize a work statement with a run robot routine statement in the process tab? So the robot should run a certain subroutine that has been created, with the duration given to it by the work statement. Is this possible?
How can I run and execute different subroutines for a Robot that is not a transport Robot? A brief description of my use case: I need the robot to execute a subroutine with a specific duration, than the product is rotated and the robot shall execute a different subroutine with a different duration. I implemented this with a work statement only and the welding robot moves up and down or I can assign a single subroutine but I don`t know how to execute different ones with different times…

Thank you already!

in conponent properties of the robot transport controller you find the tab work.
there you can change motionType property.

more in robot transport controller manual on academy:

check the chapter work tab properties.

with customRoutine you can create you own subroutine in robot programm.
maybe you have a switch statement in the routine or something like that to run with different cycletimes…

Ok thank you.
But with custom routine I can always only call this routine and not a different one with different motion points?
I need up to three different customroutines to be called during my process for my welding robot.
So: subroutine One on welding robot —> rotate product to 90 Ry by turntable (already implemented) —>Subroutine 2 (same welding robot) —> rotating to 180–> subroutine 3 —>rotating back —> waiting for next product to arrive and start all over again with Subroutine 1.
With the customroutine selected, all three processes are executed with only the selected subroutine. I hope I could explain my problem sufficiently :sweat_smile:

that’s why you can use the robot switch statement and use it to call three other subroutines.
You need a property for that… You can write the value of this property in the rouine of the process node.

Thank you very much, this helped me a lot!