Switching geometry between components

Hi visual components team

i wanna know is there a way to switch components geometry. For example i have my agv design and i wanna change visual components agv’s looking like my design.

i tried but coulndt figure out how to import geometry in one component.Is it possible?

If you do not want to keep the VC agv geometry then do this:

  1. Add the VC agv component to 3D world. In this case, you will use it as a template for modeling a new one.
  2. Import your geometry as a new component.
  3. Copy and paste the imported geometry into the template. You would need to select the feature of the geometry and copy it, and then select the template component and paste the geometry in one of its nodes, e.g. root.
  4. Remove the old geometry from the template.
  5. Use the Save As command to save the new component and update the metadata info.
If you want to keep the VC agv geometry then that is a little bit more complicated. You would need to create a Geometry feature whose URI loads source geometry file, which must be supported by native CAD reader, such as 3ds, stl, and vrml. Other file types like dwg and obj are not supported by the Geometry feature. The Inline conveyor library in eCat is a good example of this, where in component properties there is User Geometry tab for loading your own geometry.

Thank you so much zesty
<p style=“text-align: left;”>that was exactly what i needed. You saved me from lots of work:)</p>

If you want to keep multiple geometries in a component, you can also use the switch -feature. You will find Switch feature in the feature gallery in the modeling ribbon.

You can place multiple geometry trees under the switch feature and the choice property of the switch feature defined which geometry under the switch is rendered.

Sure will try that too.Thanks

Keep in mind that the switch feature affects all copies of that component. If you want to have multiple AGVs with different bits of geometry, then you need to copy the components without shared geometry, or use links.