Switch Robot

Hi ,
My whole simulation is done, everything works fine and we realize that the maximum payload of the robot is probably too much limited so we need to add a bigger one.
My question is quite simple : Can I switch my current robot with another one (same brand but other version, but same size) without losing all the mouvement inside programming tab.

I did not not find anything but delete my robot and adding another one.
Any ideas would be grateful. Thank

In the “program”-tab, there is a button to exchange robots.
This will do exactly what you want.


hooo that’s awesome.
Tools were perfectly switch, also programming and even signals between robots . Excellent !
I guess it will help other cause I didn’t find any topic about it.

thank you

Hello, I do not want to create another topic so I’m using this one I created recently.

I know I’m asking a lot but let’s hope it is possible :slight_smile:

I have to move my robot from its current (X + 150) position but as expected all robot’s mouvements are now X+150 from my previous posiition and does not reach my products.
Is there a way to automatically change all points so the robot will reach my products. I have over 400 differents points so it will take a while to modify all of them 1 by 1.

thank for your help.


write a script or an python AddIn to loop over all robot-movements and modify the values. -> In your case this will work because you modify ALL values by the same difference…



Maybe you can lock the positions to another reference while you move the robot?
Check this tutorial on Academy. https://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/exchange-robots/
The lock positions part starts around 4:45.

Ekran Alıntısı
Just change Lock Positions “To World” then move your robot later.

thank you ozan.
This software keep on surprising me, I’m glad my company invests on it.
I don’t want to create a topic for the following stupid question but I did show my robot’s simulation to my colleague and I couldn’t move the simulation without using a mouse… With the keyboard , I can only rotate the simulation but can’t move X,Y axis :slight_smile: I try every manipulation , which is the correct one?