Hello everyone,

I recently started to use the geometry modeler more often in VC 4.2. For now, the basic functions (blocks, cylinder…) covered my needs.

But as soon as I want to go further I don’t know whats possible. I am a mechanical engineer and I have experience in CAD.

So I am searching for a feature like subtract. For example if you want to drill a hole or cut out a specific shape from a body. Is this possible, and how?

Also I ran into the feature extrude. This is an essential function in CAD, but how to use it in VC? How can I create/insert a proper 2D drawing for this?

And last but not least, maybe someone can explain the object geometry for me. Is this a 3D body or 2D drawing. Some basic information or guide would be an extremely valuable asset.

Thank you very much and greetings from Austria!