Studying way of Visual components

Hello Guys

Im a newbie of Visual Components.
but im expert of Siemens Plant Simulation and Process simulate.

let me ask , How you guys study Visual Components?
its really different with Siemens Product’s modeling and simulations.

so i need you guys opinions or ideas of studying this tool.
because tecnical support in korea is disappointing , so i will study this my own way

so please tell me your studying way.



the forum you already found, this is the place for question, after use search function. :wink:

Press “F1” in VC opens the help which is also helpfull.

Have a look in the academy:

If this is not enough contact a VC-Reseller or a member of VC stuff for a training!


Get basic training first, then do the same project as you did in Siemens products, ask anyone you can ask, Korea reseller, forum, support etc. The only advice is not to keep wondering why Siemens has this feature while VC doesn’t, but rather focus on what functionalities VC does have that can serve as alternatives, every software has pros and cons, just understand and master it, and it will become your handy tool.

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thanks! i just need a lot of advice from everyone!

oh sure, first time i compared with siemens product ,but it was not good to me.
so now i think this tool like a new or different product with siemens tools.

well anyway just all i need time to be used to it . :melting_face:

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