Student license troubles

Hello, I recently requested a student license and received a Premium and KUKA OLP License Key.
I tried downloading Visual Components Premium 4.8 and Visual Components Premium OLP 4.8, but the keys apparently do not work, and I get this message from both keys:

“Product key is not a valid standalone key for Visual Components Premium OLP 4.8. Please try with another key.”

Should I use a different version than premium?

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The installer is complaining about the OLP variant. We currently have 3 different versions and each version has an OLP variant to it (so 6 different installers). You only need to download the Premium version (as stated by your post, you downloaded both) and run only the premium one.

If you downloaded the marked version and it didn’t work, please contact and send them the license key you received. Alternatively you can whisper/send the five first letters of your license key to me/here (don’t send the full license key :slight_smile: ). These five first letters determine the version and the type of the key you received. In your case the five first letters should be VCP48

Also do bear in mind that trial keys are one-time-use only.


Ah, I see. Thank you for your reply.
I have contacted support regarding the keys. It seems I received keys for version 4.7

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