Student licence

Hi, I’m last year student of University. My master thesis is about digital twin of KUKA robotic arm. I’m almost finished with my student project but my student licence i requested from your website expired. Now I’m stucked and can’t continue to work on my thesis and finish my degree.
I tried to request another licence from web form, both regular and student but no response. I even wrote emails to Olga and Mustafa, but also with no respond. I’m in middle of crisis right now. Can you please contact me and help me out ?

Hi Pivor,

Can you send an email to me again at Ill generate a trial key for you.

Hi Mustafa,

Email sent, i hope you will receive it.

Hello Pivor,

I havnt recieved the email. Can you post your email address here?

That is weird, i posted like 3 emails now.

I sent you a trial key, could you reply to my email to see if it works now?

I received your email with key.
also i sent you another with simple text, lets see if it works now.
I was using reply feature on emails, which has some unqiue letters, maybe system take it as a spam.