Stop process when palletizing is ended

Hey evb,

I’d like to stop my robot once my assembly is fnished…
At this point is continues to palletize “into the stack”:

I suppose I have to modify the process #1 node by adding something in transport out (as mentionned in the output below) but I don’t find how.

Any idea ?
Let me know, cheers.

Your process repeats automatically. If your simulation doesn’t need to do anything else after the palletizing is finished, just remove the TransportOut and add a Halt statement.

If you want only this process to run only once you could use either very long delay, or some component property and a Property Condition process requirement statement.

You could also just use a Remove statement to remove the ProductIn you just assembled and start over.

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@TSy, you’re the man… thank you !

I added the remove statement at the end like that,
works perfectly:

Well, that is not correct. You need to either Remove or TransportOut, not both.

Oh really ?

However it start again without supressing transportOut.
Finally, I don’t want to stop, I adopted your last suggestion.