Stop parts on conveyor with offset

Hello, I would like to stop part on sensor conveyor, where path is set up to “Retain offset”, part is in angle 90 degree - as depicted on picture and posible see in attached layout. Parts are stopped, bud wrong gaps are among them (becouse conveyor acts as part is “invisibly” without offset - in 0 degree position - I guess).
Is there some solution to stop parts wthout gaps, please?
Offset.vcmx (515.8 KB)

You can fix it if you have access to modeling. Change path behaviour’s “PathAxis” to “Y-positive” and thes boxes will accumulate correctly.

Now with “Y-positive” accumulation will fail if you have same box coming in without rotation so X-axis aligned with the path. Unfortunately there’s no universally working option for “PathAxis”. “Automatic” would sound like it can handle all cases but it is buggy.


Yes, it is works, great!