Step file exported from VC is not opening


Exported file from VC to Step format, but the file is not opening in Solidworks. .Obj and . STL formats are exported but coudn’t able to measure.

Can anyone suggest.

Thank you

Maybe that helps a little.

Thanks for the reply. Tried with .Obj, but file is not measurable. If you have any suggestion then let me know.

In fact, it’s difficult to get the VC files to do measurements and such in SolidWorks, because the irreversible meshing is done when the model goes into VC. :melting_face:
If you just need to measure, you can use the measurement tools that come with VC, or you can use the sketch tool in the export file to draw the feature body to help with the measurement.


Thank you for the reply. Can you please let me know how do you mean by sketch tool in export file? Kindly suggest.