Staubli emulator CS9


Do you know how to get the username and password for a CS9 controller, or what these are meant to be to connect to the emulator? I have tried looking in the emulator in the Staubli robotics suite (Settings - Profiles), and there is a current profile as ‘Default’, with no password, and I am unsure if I am meant to have a password for this.


Solved! I got feedback from Staubli. For anyone else who may have this issue:
-Right click on the SRS emulator of the robot you want to log in to, and select ‘Profile Editor’ (i.e. the controller under the robot in the ‘Cell Explorer’ window.)
-‘password’ and ‘connectionPassword’ need to be empty. Click on the password key, and a ‘new password’ window will appear. Leave this empty and click ‘ok’.
-Below, make sure that ‘ioWriteAccess’ is selected.
-Close the Profile Editor window, and save the new “default” profile.

A side note given by staubli was that “The “default” password is needed on CS9 to work with FTP so, by deleting the password, you will be unable to work with FILEZILLA for example.”

Lauren McGarry

With a CS9 emulator you have to enter password “default” for profile “Default”.

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Thanks, good to know there are alternatives!