Statistics human & robots

Hello, I am working in a work station (HRC), and I want to have the statistics of the robot (cycle time, parts produced, etc) and the Human operator (parts produced, cycle time) and the utilization percentage.
But I have not been able to obtain the statistics of the operator (human), with the tool to show statistics, I am trying to obtain them but I don’t know with which properties I should link, and the percentage of use of the robot does not link me either

Can you give me any suggestions?
WorkSpaceUPC_UR3_STATISC_02112020.vcmx (3.3 MB)

Certain properties in Statistics behavior are meant for material flow, e.g. part transfers in and out of Path behavior. It has been a very long time since I used Works library, so I do not remember all the details. If you have VC Professional or higher, you could add properties to human or robot and set them using scripts. Otherwise, you should be able to use User Variables in a Works Process to collect this info, yet it would require creating more tasks. For cycle time, I do not remember if that works out of the box with human resources and robots.