Start and stop control of conveyor belt

I’m in trouble. want to use a robot to move the product from conveyor 1 to conveyor 2,Then robot Number two puts the product back on conveyor Number one and keeps going,But I’m not going to stop the product at the target and let the robot grab it,
Can you help me? Thank you very much


You could implement a static robot program and activate the picking and placing sequence with a sensor signal. This would rely entirely on correct timing for the part and robot.

A better way could be to use the vcHelpers.Robot2 python library to command the robot to pick a part without stopping the part. The code is pretty simple and it’s in the robots PythonScript_2. What is does is wait for sensor signal and then command the robot to pick a moving part and to place it on another conveyor.

Hope this example will help you.
Pick_and_place_moving_example.vcmx (776.0 KB)



Hello Este,
Thank you very much for your answer, I think I should know how to do this project