some question for component

  1. have distance between two part on conveyor when change direction by crossing component
  2. batcher conveyor no reset signal when robot pick up a part
Visual component 4.0.5

I have attach file and picture. Please help me. Thank you

Untitled.vcmx (409 KB)

Do this:

  1. Connect the StartStop signal in Batcher Conveyor to output of robot.
  2. After robot picks and places batch, execute Set Binary Output statement that sets the value of StartStop to True.
  • In one of the scripts in the batcher conveyor, there is a triggerCondition being used that waits to receive a signal from StartStop that its value is True.

Hi Zesty,

Thank for support. I fixed batcher conveyor with robot. So, How about question 1st? A crossing conveyor

And about batcher conveyor. Stop when 3 packs in line, after that Robot pick 2 packs, 1 pack on conveyor doesn’t continue move. How to fix that?

Sorry, I cannot help you. I have never seen that before and have no idea how to fix it. For some reason, there is a 55mm offset between the green boxes and the pink ones get an offset as well. Probably a bug with the End Block, Path or API itself.

Change conveyor path’s PathAxis setting.

I can confirm the proposal from Chungmin. You have to change the PathAxis setting to Y-positive to fix the problem. The accumulation on a path depends on the orientation of the part. When the part moves crosswise through the crossing conveyor it will be relativly rotated around 90 degrees. That is why the length of the part in X-direction used for accumulation results in a gap or overlapping of parts with different length and width values.

A real problem arises if you have parts with and without relativ rotation on the path.