Software Update for Visual Components 4.2.2!

Dear Visual Components Customer,

We’ve identified and fixed some minor regression bugs that were reported in our most recent software release, Visual Components 4.2.2. We’ve updated the Visual Components 4.2.2 software installers, which you can find on the downloads page of our website. Please note that there is no change in the software version number, and that your current 4.2.2 license keys will be able to activate the software.

If you have any questions, please contact the Visual Components Support Team.

Hy mai.n,

is there a ChangeLog?

I found out that Phyton-API can be found again in the help-search! :slight_smile:


When I try to install the update, I receive the message below the moment I want to connect with the license server.
Does someone has a solution?

Problem solved with help of the support team. Some left over files from an earlier version caused the problem.

You find it by the offical download link (a small flat button in top of it).

This was the actual link:


Ticket Title
583 Path and SegmentSize issue
2886 4.2.2 Creating transport link with interpolating transport controller does not work from python API
3010 Unable to close panel displayed with IDockAwareWindowManager.ShowDockedWindow() using the “x” button on the UX.
3225 Update VC Professional German help file to fix broken search
3264 Teach Overlay toolbar position not updated with COI change
3265 getConfigWarnings() crashes application
3309 Revert public API changes done for ILayoutSchemaPropertyList
3421 vcProductCreatorTableMode Python API mostly broken!
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Were there any changes to the Python API vcLayoutSchemaPropertyList ? Specifically the function cloneSchemaObject seems to have a different behavior in 4.2.2 compared to 4.2.1.

I am using that function in a python script and I have double checked that it works correctly in 4.2.1 but it has incorrect function in 4.2.2.

Contact support or if someone knows please comment. It may or may not be related to 3309, the function was deprecated and/renamed or possibly a bug.

Hey there

where are the files located at?
I have the same issue now too.
I deleted VC already and reinstalled it, but it is not working.
Did you only delete the files or did you reinstalled VC too?

If you have a tip that would be nice.



I did not removed the files myself, it was someone from the VC support.
The files where located in the de AppData folder.
It was not needed to reinstall VC.


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