Slider-Crank mechanism by physics


Four-bar linkage

Slider-Crank mechanism, powered by physics engine, no sin, cos, tan, sasa, sass, sssa, etc. I think there might be a chance to develop a linkage add-on, four-bar linkage also works with some defects.

Here is the sample file
Slider-Crank.vcmx (49.7 KB)


Looks very interesting, I really believe that the physics world is a good proposal to solve the crank linkage, but I think the biggest problem with it is the collision body part, in fact, when I use physics in version 4.6, it is still inevitable When I encounter a model, I will encounter a strange force extrusion (I am very clear that it is caused by the collision body of other components), which is similar to that when I export a component similar to a push barrel in NX, its The physical collision will be the whole cylinder, and will not ignore the parts that have been cut by me in NX.
I would be very grateful if you could provide me some instructional content on the physics side that I missed! :melting_face:

Glad it caught your attention :smiley: but nothing much, it’s more like experimental stuff, I used MSC Adams while I was a student, so I was wondering if it’s possible in VC, like you said, it’s not perfect as MSC Adams, that’s why the connecting point is a circular hole in the middle of square, I tried many shapes combinations, this is the most stable method as I tested, the other important thing would be don’t forget to set Collider to “Precise” for every shapes.

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