Slat Conveyor Modelling


Can any one help me out ? I want to Model a Slat conveyor and i want those slats to stop at particular position. the slat should be moving continuously along the conveyor ( I don’t want to use any process or feeder for Slat).

Also find the attached PDF , it will make clear.

Slat conveyor is also attached.

Slat-Conveyor.pdf (235 KB)

Final-Assembly-of-Slat-Conveyor.step (820 KB)


I’ve attached the slat conveyor, and I believe it’s close to what you want.
I used two nodes and a python script to get the job done, maybe there’s a better way to do it but I don’t know that one;-).
You should also look to the origin of slider, it’s located at the center of the conveyor.

let me know if you have any more questions.


SlatConveyor.vcmx (150 KB)


I would recommend to model the slats as separate components that are children of your conveyor. The slat-components can move on one or several OneWayPath(s) that runs around your conveyor. When the simulation starts a PythonScript can grab the slats into the path. If you want to stop a slap you can stop the component or the whole path.


Hello, have a look into the remodeled slat conveyor.



Slat-Conveyor_V2.vcmx (106 KB)

Cool solutions!

I think the hardest part is to make more than 1 slats to move at same time.

The second part is to parameterize the number of slats.