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I’m trying to simulate following scenario:

Conveyor 1 should feed cubes to conveyor 2 with AGV until the conveyor 2 capacity is full. After that Conveyor 1 should feed the cubes to shelves with AGV. And whenever the conveyor 2 is available again, the AGV should take a cube from the shelf and bring it to conveyor 2 until its is full again. And then the AGV will continue bringing cubes from the Conveyor 1 to the shelves.

So basically I want to skip putting the cubes on buffer shelves when conveyor 2 is ready to receive a cube. For this I need the direct flow from conveyor 1 to conveyor 2. However I can’t figure out how to do this. I can make a Flow arrow between Conveyor 1 and conveyor 2, but It won’t work if there are also arrows from conveyor 1 to shelves.

I have attached the layout and a picture to clarify this.

In all the example tutorials its shown how to make a flow from lets say one conveyor to 4 lathes, But how can I make Flow from same conveyor to EITHER Lathe OR to a table if the Lathes are fully occupied? With using AGVs.

Thanks to whoever finds time to respond to this long cry for help :slight_smile:

Harjoitus2.vcmx (181.3 KB)

Hi @FedeJy

I don’t think there is yet a simple way to do this. I made a quick example of using different flows if the conveyor is full or if the conveyor is available.
This works OK in this case but is not ideal once you start emptying the conveyor. I wish a better way is implemented in the software in some new version.

Hope it gives you some ideas.
Harjoitus2.vcmx (1.6 MB)

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