I need to know how to get a feedback about the singularity after clicking the check box in robot’s program, since not like joint limits it doesn’t appear automatically in output.


Hey mohamad,

I’m not to sure what you want to do.

Do you want to activate the singularity check and receive an message in the output panel if the robot get’s stuck in a singularity?


Do you want to use python to check if a singularity occured? In that case you might want to check out the “Singularity Checker” from the eCatalog. The script won’t work because it hasn’t been modified to suit VC 4.0, but if you change “simLimitCommand.Checked” to “True” or “False” depending on what scope you want to trigger it should work fine.

Hey Felix

Thing is that i’m interested in both cases, so if you could explain how i can get a message in the output that would be great. I tried a simple program in which the robot has singular point but doesn’t get stuck in it and i got no message in output.

Again, i’m just trying to figure out how it works so i might be doing it the wrong way.

Hmm… in the Program tab, Limits group, there should be options for Singularity and Print Message Output.


Yeah, but it seems like the in-built singularity check doesn’t work. If I check the options “Singularity” and “Print Message Output” there won’t be noticed any singularity even though if I’m forcing one with a linear move.

I wrote a support ticket about that.


As I told you, the “Singularity Checker” component hasn’t been modified to suit VC 4.0. In the old version you could control the component with the joint limit button. The component isn’t needed anymore because there are in-built checker for speed, accelertion, singularity and joint limits. Unfortunately since singularity is broken I’ve modified the component for you that you can use it until the issue has been addressed.

singularity_check_standalone.vcmx (162 KB)

Thank you for the effort, you’ve been of good help.

Best regards