Simultaneous working

I want to have 4 robots to work simultaneously

I tried it with run robot routine, but all robots doesn’t work simultaneously.

How can I achieve that?
Also I want to replace the delay of 12.5 sec with the robots working on the product( work time of all 4 robots combined should be 12.5 sec. I found out that there is a cycle time for each movement of robots, so should I enter the time for each movement of the robot?)
Is there a possibility to connect the sendsignal statement to trigger all the robots and perform the screw operation again?
I also want to know if we can have an external sensor in this station and trigger all robots to perform certain task. I tried with the sensors but I was not able to get it working


You could send a signal from the process, and each of the robots are listening for this signal. Once the robots detect this signal, they will all activate the routine.

I tried this method, it doesn’t work.