Simulation with process modeling

hi everyone

I am working about a simulation and i use PM (i am a beginner) .

The problem is that simulation is still running but everything is motionless.I receive this error message :unamused:

As you can see every transport has a next link and it is represented in the process flow editor then i want to know if there is a step that i have forgotten? How can I fix this error?

I have already try many way but they don’t work.

thanks and regards.

Usually with PM the first error is significant and further errors snowball from there, so try fixing that first.

“Product not handled” errors mean that a product instance arrived to a transport node but no Transport In statement or custom Python script was waiting to receive it at that time. More accurately, an event was raised from the transport node but no event listener claimed the product instance.

The “Transport solution does not have a next link…” errors are bit similar and occur when a product instance somehow arrives to a transport node but the route (transport solution) assigned to it doesn’t contain that transport node, so there is no way to know where it should go next.

So your products are probably going into wrong paths / containers or getting routed to wrong places.

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