Simulation stops working but time runs

Creating a new thread as the initial thread was about assign variables working on the subject it created another issue that went of topic

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Please also explain the workflow and what you’re attempting to do :slight_smile:
It can be almost impossible to help if we don’t know what you were trying to do (and also creates some confusion to jump threads) and it’s much nicer if all the info is in one post. It definitely causes you to repeat some stuff, but it’s a lot easier for everyone else.


Doing a simulation, needing to make x amount of products before moving onto the next process of packing, I wanted to know if there was a way to do this and go the answer that helped however, now the simulation stops without errors and the timer still runs. It appears to make 25 products and stops. I have assigned a variable to trigger the next process once 24 products are made. After some advice from @Lefa the simulation began to work in sorts by performing the process (incorrectly) and packing with errors being thrown up. the operator lifts boxes and then make products in-between lifting boxes and does the same when packing the products