Simulation stops without any error messages

Hi ,everyone.
I’m making simulation with python script and OPC UA(CODESYS).
But my simulation stops without error messages on output panel.
I think my python script is something wrong but I can’t find which part is wrong.

Does anybody has any ideas to solve this problem?


MyProject.vcmx (6.3 MB)

Hi @razania60

Maybe the robot is going past joint limits or colliding with some obstacle?
Check the program panel for Stop on Collision and Stop at Limits settings. You can also enable the Message Panel Output to see the messages printed to output panel.

Hi, Este.
Thank you to your advise.

I checked my setting, but “stop on collision” is not disable and “Message Panel Output” is enabled.

Any ideas?


Seems to be a simple copy-paste error.
I don’t know why you did not get any error message. I tested with KUKA Sim Pro 3.1.2 and got a proper error message about a missing variable.

I fix wrong part of script and ran simulation.
I still got same situation…
Here is short video that shows what happened.