Simulation stop when Sink reaches certain number

Is it possible to stop the simulation automatically when my sink has reached a certain number?
I have a statisitc that shows me the incoming parts, when this is at 8 my simulation should stop directly.

Thank you very much

You could use a loop with a counter, to transport and delete some products, followed by a Halt statement to stop the simulation.

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thank you very much, but unfortunately i don’t know what to write for the if condition.

something like, if parts entered=8 then halt otherwise continue normally.

You can add variables to a process and then use the assign command to set the value. Here is a simple counter.

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worked perfectly, many thanks :slight_smile:

another small question:

i want to create a simple simulation with stations, for this i only have values of times that the part has to spend in the station.
at the beginning i wanted to try it by work, but the controllers are missing, so i just used delay.

what is the best way to display the time that the part has to be in the station (in my case the delay) and possibly also the time if the station is not yet free.

I mean something with idle.

with a human it works, is there an option without a human and controller?

Doesn’t this process routine variable reset to 0 every time the process starts? Would need to use a loop inside the process or a component property.

Static PM variables retain value between process executions.

OK, I didn’t remember there was a difference between automatically created process variables and those created by user from the UI.

hey does anyone have any ideas on how I can implement the work command in a process node without human?

I would like to enter 30min work then 10min delay in the process node.

Thank you

Why do you need to use a Work statement if there is no human or robot woring there? Couldn’t you use a 2nd delay?
You could use the State statements to say if the process is Idle, Blocked or Working and show it that way in the statistics

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Thank you for your answer.
That’s exactly what I’ve now found out and everything is running great :slight_smile:
I would now like to have an overall utilization of my line displayed, i.e. the values of all 10 process nodes (every process note has idle, busy, blocked status) added together, currently I can only display them individually, which then looks like this as an example:

i need the values for idle, busy and blocked to add up is this possible?