Simulation problems


Currently I’m working on a python command script, the script needs to place the robot a different locations in my lay-out to find the optimal position (so the position with the lowest cycle-time).

When i’m trying to execute the code (see picture) im getting an error (see picture).

The function SearchBestPositionLAT2() searches for the positions of robot to be checked. It can be 6 positions or even 100 positions for example.

See the pictures for the lay-out, the assertion failed and the code.

Does anyone have some experience with the vcSimulation who can help? Thanks already

From the images it looks like you are using KUKA Sim Pro, so I would recommend you submit this issue to KUKA support. As for myself, I would need to see more of your code to know what is causing it. If I had to guess… your command/add-on is trying to move the robot to positions when the simulation is not running and/or you have RCS enabled, so there might be a conflict with external and internal controllers. But that is just a wild guess.

If I were to do what you wanted to do, I would use schema. However, on this forum is an easy spot welding add-on that you can reference as a good example of defining and testing robot positions. Sorry I could not be of more help.

No problem zesty, thanks anyway.