Simulation Camera: save view as image

Is there a way to save the camera view from the asycube feeders in a file (PNG,bitmap,JPG,…) for processing.

More detailed: I would like to save the view from the camera the “cameraActive” is true to a file. I will use that file in my real image processing tool, to verify the functionality, and connect it to the real PLC.

Is there a way to save this view (without the camera) each time the “CameraActive” == True without disturbing the view of the model

So the user has an independent view on the model the whole time.

Thanks in advance

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Does someone has an idea how to achieve this?


I don’t think this is possible. You can get a screenshot with python API with the snippet below but it will grab the image from current view. So you would need to briefly change the view to Asycube camera and back to original position and I think this will be noticeable to the user.

cmd = app.findCommand('saveBitmap')