Simulate Universal Robots with RTDE Connection


Has anyone tried this with Visual Components 4.1:

I´ve tried it earlier with 4.0 and it worked. But now I can´t make it work. When I try to establish a connection using the IP, I get the message that the connection has failed (see attachment).

I´m using Visual Components 4.1, VirtualBox 5.2.16 and I´ve tried it with Polyscope versions 3.7.2, 3.5.0 and 3.3.3 (which was used in the video).

I´m quite desperate for a quick solution, because I´m supposed to teach using this setup next week.



Seems like a general error when trying to open a TCP/IP socket connection. You can google for more detailed troubleshooting advice or ask your IT, but here are the basics.

First check that you can ping the virtual machine from your host OS that is running VC. If the ping fails, you probably have the virtual machine’s network connection configured wrong or you are using wrong IP address.
If the ping succeeds but connecting from VC still fails, ensure that you have the Polyscope running in the virtual machine and that any firewall or other security features on your host PC isn’t blocking the connection.

Thanks for the advice! I´m hopefully meeting out IT guy tomorrow and we are going to try and resolve it.


also have a look into this forum post.

turn firewall off both in host and guest(virtual machine).

ping IP address both ways, host > guest & guest > host.



Thank you! I didn´t see that post before. I have to read that pdf.

To solve the connection problem we had to change the network settings in VirtualBox. What worked is shown on the attachment.


I am using RTDE Connection and would like to send signal from simulation to pendant so robot will receive a signal from the sensor in Visual components simulation. So i would like to know which connection should i use in Simulation to server?

You need to use the general purpose input bit, int or double registers depending on your data type. You can then have a script running on the robot that copies values from those registers to program variables, which you can reference in the robot program.

This is because the RTDE (or any other) interface of the UR robot controller doesn’t support writing the actual digital or analog inputs.

Can you explain more about this script on the robot?