Simplifying Geometries using ConvexHull

Some layout CAD files have too many unnecessary details. To lighten the layouts for having fewer Polygons, there are tools such as Cyliderify and Blockify implemented in the Visual Components under the Modeling tab (Professional and Premium versions). Convert to Convex is also a way to Simplify geometries. The tool creates a convex around the object and replaces it with the original geometry.

Install the addon by extracting the zip file to My Commands folder. Restart the application. Then under the modeling tab, choose a Geometry under Feature Tree, Right-click, and select Convert to Convex.

Sample of how it works in comparison with Blockify and Cyliderify: (732 Bytes)


When I restart VC, this message appeared below:

The NameEerror:Command name"cmdcreatConvexHull" is already registered.