SIMIT Plugin

Hello there,

does anyone already have experience with Siemens SIMIT and VC4.4?

I have followed the instructions from the tutorial of academy (VC4.3) but cannot connect to SIMIT.

I’m working with VC4.4 Premium, SIMIT V10.2 (like recommended in tutorial). SIMIT runs on a VM on same notebook.

Connection not possible but pinging is with is ok.

SIMIT operating mode is asynchronous. VC Coupling on time slice 2

Thank you!


This might not apply to your case, but if you open a SIMIT project with the VC coupling already configured, you need to open the VC coupling in SIMIT before trying to connect from VC.

This is because opening the coupling’s editor in SIMIT also initializes the server that VC connects to.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it didn’t help either. I will try now with SIMIT on a other notebook.

Looks like I only have problems with an external systen (VM other notebook). Locally, of course I can make the connection.
I asked support for help. I will give updates here.

Can you try with the firewall of the VM dissabled?
Maybe the firewall is blocking the traffic to the simit port.
If it works when you dissable your firewall. You can edit it to allow traffic to the correct port and enable it again


I was just testing this option and it worked finally! Thank you for your answer.

Worked for me too! Big thank you!
Setup: VC 4.4 + Simit V10.3 Update 1.

I put the VC coupler in SIMIT SF why is the plug-in not displayed

Hello daxiangli

Did you restart SIMIT after you inserted the plugin?
Also are you certain you put it in the right folder?

simt Where to buy software how much

You should ask Siemens…
If you are a Siemens Solution Partner, you can get the Simit software for a favorable price. I cant tell you the exact price but it is below 5.000 euro + a yearly subscription (with upgrades) for another 1500.