Signals for controling machine from e-catalog

I noticed that is possible to control some machine from e-catalog by signals. For example machine “ProLathe” .But i do not know how to switch machine into “default mode” - where signals are available as i discovered.

In python script is written:
def OnRun():
if transportNode.TransportLinks:
elif MT_ResourceInterface.IsConnected:

but if is machine connected by signal and not connected by interfaces, first condition is always valid - suspendRun().

If I edit script and use default_mode() there, controlling by signal from robot works.

But how can do it user of Essentiall version?
Thank you for somme recomendation.

Hi @stransky

The condition if transportNode.TransportLinks: is only valid when the machine has transport links connected in the flow editor.
If you remove the transport links in Process Modeling Flow, then the machine should enter the default mode if the machine tending interface is disconnected.

You are right Este, thank you very much,