Signal vs Task


I am new to Visual Components. I have been doing some tutorials in which I was using Tasks and Signals. I could solve most problems using both approaches. Unfortunately, I have never found an explaination which technique should be used in which situation. What are pros and cons of signals and tasks? When and should I use a certein approach?

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

By Tasks do you mean Tasks in Works library? If so, that is just a level of abstraction on top of signals, namely String type of signals which are used for communicating between the components compliant with the Works library.

So there’s not much other technical difference to them other than that the Tasks are doing the signal handling (and all other logic involved) for you.

So, when to use Works library tasks and when something else is really difficult question. It’s totally up to the application/case and what needs to be controlled by custom or external logic and what can be left for the works library. In many cases it’s the combination of these.