Signal connected to signalmap

Im trying to get a model to reconfigure how many in and out puts it has.
I would like to change it, in relation to how many signals are connected.
Unfortunately i dont seem to be able to find a SignalConnected/disconnected/changed event on the booleansignalmap.
Anyone got an idea on how to do this ?

You might be able to implement such by reacting to changes in the available port count vcProperty of the signal map called “Ports”.

EDIT: Or actually that might only change when the map size defined by start or end indexes change, so it won’t help for your use case.

In theory since every signal in the signal map must be a signal behavior in the component, you could track those changes, but there doesn’t seem to be an event for behaviors added / removed in vcNode either.

What im doing right now, is i implemented an “update” btn. not pretty, but functional