Signal accumulation


I’m new to Visual components and I’m preparing simulation of material ordering on assembly line.

I have a process node where the products are consumed after 30 minutes and I want to send a signal to the feeder every time when the product is consumed. (this is easier part. I was able to do it with creating of boolean signal in process node and adding send signal and wait signal statements). But I need to accumulate recieved signals in feeder for 1 hour and then create same amount of products which were consumed during that one hour in process node.

Thank you for any advices.


You could send an integer signal to your source (in addition to or instead of a boolean signal). The value is then the number of parts to be created.
With a process routine variable you can define an art counter to create the correct number of products:

Can you please send me your file? I’m unable to reconstruct it.

my approach from the previous post:

Signal_accumulation.vcmx (37.1 KB)

Thank you for the file. It was helpfull, but when I was implementing it into my layout with my cycle times (1 hour for process #1 and 36minutes for Process #2 I ended up waiting for the signal in Process #1 while Process #2 was consuming the products. So my ordering system was late for about half an hour.

But I was thinking about the different solution. I replaced Process #2 with conveyor and added “Get proprerty” statement in the feeder which is tracking how many parts do I currently have on conveyor. Then I’ve added a loop when current parts on the conveyor is less than 5 (which is my safety buffer limit). Then it creates product which followed by “Assign” partsCurrent +1.

Unfortunatelly “Assign” partsCurrent +1 doesn’t work for me so the feeder is creating 10 more products until its delivered to the conveyor.

What did I wrong?

*HP2.5. Housing Is name of the conveyor

what I see directly, you shouldn’t use the feeder process, but a process node.

see this post:
How to get rid of this error output? - #7 by TSy

I replaced feeder by process node and it still doesnt work. After one hour Process node #1 should produce 3 cans instead of 4.

ekanban_simulation.vcmx (71.8 KB)

Your interval was set to 60s, so you probably missed it. In your case you would have to reduce the interval if you get a property of the statistics with getproperty statement



here is the solution. Thank you for your help.

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