SIemens Safety Signals

Hello all,

I am using VC to test my plc programm. VC is running over a opc server(KEPServerEX) to the pc of my college where the plc program is and its connected with the NetToPLCSim programm to my opc Server. Everything works fine, i just cant write safety Signals. Dose the plc dont allow to write Safety Signals or…

the video i was using

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first have a look into this thread from Siemens Forum:


then read this comment from my side:

I didn’t try with Safety Signals. But maybe I can help. You are trying to write Safety signal in PLC or in Simulation? Is it an input signal to PLC or output signal from PLC. If it is in PLC i.e. PLC Input signal then have you checked the Property of the Instance Function Block of the safety program? Is there some option for “allow read/write from OPC UA”, did you enable the PUT/GET communication? Are there any other significant communication options in Project properties? Did you double check your Direction setting of signals are right in Simulation (Input/Outputs are not swapped?)

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