Shuttle Conveyour question

Dear colleagues,

I´m new in this software and i´m looking to add a Shuttle Conveyour with more than 5 ports, is there any way to add more ports in this kind of element?.


Thanks in adnvanced

Of course, my friend. Let’s get this working for you.

SideA_PortPlaces defines position of ports on side A. Each position is separated using a comma (,). The number of positions defines the number of ports on that side.

SideB_PortPlaces is the same as SideA_PortPlaces but for side B.

To visualize ports, enable ShowPortNames.

When you edit port places, click UpdatePorts to rebuild the shuttle and render the interfaces.

Change the ConveyorLength, Width and Height properties as needed, but try not to get confused by them. Define the port places first, and then worry about that stuff.

Does that help?

Thanks for this answer!, it worked just fine!