Shift time modeling

I have a question about this problem:
In my simulation, two workers fill a buffer tank that supplies a production system via an autonomous robot. Now I want to simulate that these two workers stop working after an 8-hour shift, but the system continues to run autonomously.
How can this problem be solved?


you can set the available property of humans to True or False, an approach could be this:

It worked!

Thank you so much!

I also need tools like this to control manual work hours and schedule shifts. In the actual production process, the shift of workers is much more complex than this. I hope that such components can make the simulation process more realistic.

@lanmeng , maybe this post can help you:

Thank you very much, this layout is very close to the function I need. The difference is that I am trying to do it in the process of workers’ shift change, the equipment will not stop processing, which is a little difficult, if you have such components, I hope you can share with me. Thanks again.