Setting property values


I’m trying to access variables shown in the picture. For the first ax, ay and az I get the float numbers from the component, but how can I write new values on component properties? The StepSize property is an vcVector object.

The second one is tricky because I can write the values on the component but I need to go on to the components ZSteps property and press enter so it will take effect. How can I make that enter press with python?


I don’t know why the seperate vectorelements can’t be set. → Maybe a bug…

But you can set it like:

from vcScript import *
import vcVector

comp = getComponent()

stepSize = comp.getProperty("StepSize")

def OnSignal( signal ):

def OnRun():
  stepSize.Value =,20.0,300.0)

I didn’t understand why to need press enter…


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Thanks this works!

The last part means that I have to go component properties and select that ZSteps part and type again wanted number and press enter so that ZSteps is valid


if you set values by python you don’t have to hit enter, what is your target?


PatternComponentCreator.vcmx (7.7 KB)

The values which I write with the python on properties doesn’t affect on the pattern I am creating. Hard to explain but if you can test this example which I am testing this on you can see it yourself.