Setting Product Properties, Filtering via those Properties

Hello all,

I am trying to filter how various products flow through my processes via using Product Properties/ Component properties.

Quick outline of relevant process steps:

  1. Random part created and assigned a color + part style (100+ different permutations or I could make a flow group for each)
  2. Part ‘inspected’ and then assigned an updated color and part style if it fails inspection
  3. Part moved to rack based on color and part style

The Product Properties shown are all integers with no constraints.
When I call them in the ‘inspection’ process mentioned above, i.e. Delay: ProductIn.InspectionTime, the statement works and does not have any errors, however the same property used as a filter does not function.

When I try to assign a property in the process node, I get the error ‘Part Creator:::SetPropertyStatement: Unable to assign value to Part.Style; the property does not exist’

And when I set the filter for the racking portion, I get the error ‘Process Node #23::ProcessExecutor::Rack Load::Transport Pattern In error: Property not found: Style.’

Ideally I would like to find a way to correctly write these properties and use it as a filter, or filter purely off of the color and ProductType of the part.


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