Setting initial inventory in ASRS


I’m building a ASRS layout and find that it’s impossible to set initial inventory under existing conditions. I plan to solve the problem by following steps.

  1. Add a ComponentCreator behaviour to each RegularRack
  2. Create products and move them to the correct position
  3. Products got to be grabbed by rack container
  4. Change storage data in ASRS-Controller
Is it doable? Is there a better way to do so? I meet some problems in the first step, that is creating product is not positioned as expected, what happened?

setting-initial-inventory.vcmx (1.53 MB)

Try this


Thanks for your help. I’ve searched the help file, coming to know that ‘save state’ can save component location and some configurations. But how can I create them(initial products)? It’s impossible to put them on the right position one by one manually because of the large scale . Furthermore, I also need to modify the script of ASRS-Controller to initialize the inventory data.

Here is the picture of the layout.



First off, I’m not sure if saving the state works if you then make changes to the layout.

To handle initialization of the racks, I would write a generic set of methods which handle file IO to my product matrix file. Add them to the rack model along with a component creator that feeds directly to the storage. I don’t know if this will break the functionality of whatever premade behaviours in the model. I found that starting from scratch with everything was easier than trying to use the poorly documented models in the eCat.

Want to ask if anyone successfully created this feature

Thank you