Set a robots initialposition


I’m searching for the code that gives me the same function as “click on a robots position in the program and then press start”. So the robot will start the execution of the program at this point.

At this time I create a program via .NET and the execution is fine, except the initialposition…

Has anybody an idea how to deal that or already experiences?
(I already tried a lot of methods with IRobotExecutor and IProgram, but nothing worked as expected.)

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In your function, do you save the state of the robot at the selected position?

Thank you zesty.

At the Moment I don’t save the state.

I think “SaveState” from ISimulation is the right method… but know I have to move the robot to a point in my program, before I save the state.

Is ISelectionHandler (StatementSelectionHandler) the right way to move to the Position?
I tried it, but i have problems to add the point to the selection…

Beats me. You should be able to handle this via selection message or listen for joint updates. I don’t remember, but I think the 3rd and 4th .NET API tutorial playlist covers this.