Servo track travelling time adjustment

Is there a way to set a specific duration that the robot will take to transport an object from point A to B? Or change the speed of the servo track?

Eg. it would take 30 sec to move an object from A to B.


in the visual components track you can change maxspeed:

or you run your own routine and define a cycleTime to reach the point in the statement properties of the point

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Hmm, for the first method, my menu does not have a max speed option. Possibly because of older version.

For the second method, how would I add a cycleTime? Do I just add a delay?
Eg. I want routine T1 which picks up object at A and place it at B to be 1 minute, do I just add a Delay 60s?

Either a P2P statement or a LIN statement has a property called CycleTime.
You can set a precise CycleTime for the statement.

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