Servo Controller vs. RSL - strange behaviour


i have some annoying troubles with servo controller and RSL Executor

Problem 1) servo controller is not moving to the desired joint angles when click the corresponding PTP-Command. playing simulation works. I did not recognize this issue with robots from catalogue. see different behavior compared to 2014:

servoRSL_4_0_2.wmv VS. servoRSL_2014.wmv

->VC, is this a bug? is there a fix?

Problem 2) Limits of servo controller in 2014 had been real limits for the geometry objects of the corresponding link. In 4.0.2 i can pass the limits. Why? It’s more difficult an frustrating to manually correct this in “Textbox” then grasp and drag the axis to the limit when programming the servo controller

servoLimit_4_0_2.wmv VS. servoLimit_2014.wmv

-> Is there a reason for this?



May someone enlighten my about these issues?






servoRSL_4_0_2.vcmx (12.7 KB)

mhhh… these are the files zipped:

  1. servo_Limit_4_0_2.wmv:
  2. servo_Limit_2014.wmv:
  3. servoRSL_4_0_2.wmv:
  4. servoRSL_2014.wmv:
  5. servoRSL_2014.vcm (2014):
  6. servoRSL_4_0_2.vcmx (4.0.2):

are u serious admin???.. again

last try

PLEASE RENAME ServoController.vcmx TO

ServoController.vcmx (5.17 MB)

Solution for 2) finally found the solution in PROGRAM-Tab under Limits/“Stop at limits” also with some other nice options … like it.


Hello Maik,

in my point of view the first problem looks like a bug.


Problem 3) Modifying JointSpeed in Program-Tab without effect