Servo Controller for different links

Hi everyone,
I have a modeling component that has several links, each with a different movement type.
My question is if I have to use a Servo Controller for each link or do I use only one? In the case of using only one how to reference the link in the script?



Hi @regis.vieira

You only need to add one servo controller if you need to perform one motion command at a time. This could be moving only one joint or moving some group of joints at the same time.

The first two lessons in this course should get you started:

Check the python API documentation for further programming tips. Especially the vcServoController, which has the relevant commands. To move a single joint, you can use the moveJoint() method. Servo controller joints are selected as indexes (0, 1, 2…).
To move multiple joints, you can set individual targets with setJointTarget(), then set the motion time with setMotionTime, and finally activate the motion with move().

Thanks a lot @Este ! I will use setJointTarget(), setMotionTime() and move(), because I have a few tasks to do in this component.
Thanks again!