SendSignal WaitSignal questions

Hi, I would like to ask why my SendSignal and WaitSignal process statements are not working, what am I doing wrong? I want my ProLathe to send a signal with the value of 1 to Process #3 to begin creating products. I created an integer signal named ‘start’ for both the ProLathe and Process #3. I want Process #3 to only create a product when the signal is received, hence Timeout is set to 0.

SignalTest.vcmx (482.7 KB)

Your SendSignal and WaitSignal are not matching. Change either WaitSignal on Process#3 to wait for its own signal start or Lathe to send signal start of its own. Of course, your model works as is, if you define interfaces to Lathe and Process #3 and link the interfaces for signals.
SignalTestNew.vcmx (1.3 MB)

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