SendSignal for Assembly

Hello VC community,

I am seeking your advice on the proper setup of the assembly process. The cube shall be assembled on the Trolley and transported to the next stage.

Step 1: The Blue-Cube arrives first (Node 1) and triggers the signal to create a Trolley (Node_2).

Step 2: A Trolley is created afterwards, and the human transports the Trolley to the assembling position (Node_3).

Step 3: Upon the Trolley’s arrival, it should trigger the waiting Blue-Cube delivery to Node_3.

Issue: The Cube delivery is not happening and human returns back to the idling place (Node_5). Node_3 SendsSignal for triggering the Cube delivery from Node_1, but the signal concept is not functioning. Can you help identify the statement or logic error here?

Step 4: The assembled “Trolley + Blue-Cube” is transported to the floor buffer (Node_4).

Your ASAP response is highly appreciated.

I’m a beginner user so I don’t know if this will help. I used the send signal once to start a process after another end. To make it work, I connected the two conveyors with the processes, from the interface and signals tab.

Hi @O-D.
The challenge was that I have tried to adapt human’s work for 2 different flow groups.
Now it is working okay once I have combined 2 flow groups into one, but it was efforts demanding.
Thanks for your response.