Sending AMR (AGV) to locations without WP?

Hello All,

I am working on a process where I need a mobile robot to move to a location once it is full. I have attached 3 works process to the robot’s shelves and created 3 NeedPatterns tasks so the robot gets “loaded”. Once the last shelf is full, I would like for the robot to navigate to another location so a Human Resource can pick from it.

Currently the only way I know to do this is to feed the cylinders to the robot and create a need where I want it to go. But this causes problems because one, the cylinders (that are already on the robot) get fed into the robot (looks strange) and once the robot gets to its need location, it places the cylinders there (which is not what I want)

Any thoughts?

Also, my “robot” is considered an AGV in VC not a Robot so I cant program a “goToLocation” task (If anyone knows how to program tasks for AGS that would be helpful)