Send signal with joint current value

Hi there experts!

I wanted to send a signal with the joint current value to the PLC program. Is there a way of pairing a real signal to the joint value? I’d like to avoid having to create a python script with a while loop to update the signal value constantly to the joint value since it drains the performance.

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“Joint values” are direcly available for pairing in Connectivity as VALUE property of DOF objects.

Hey @TSy ,

Thanks! I didn’t know that you can pair them directly. Cool! By the way, what’s the difference between the two properties I highligth? I undestand that VALUE property is the one I must pair but, then, what’s the other one?

Thanks a lot.

What is J_E1_i_1_Traslacio? For example, is that property listed in Link Properties panel when you select the node of that joint?

Hey there @zesty, thanks for your help.

“J_E1_i_1_Traslacion” is the name of the Joint that makes a traslational motion:

For what @TSy commented, I understand that VALUE is the variable where the value of the link is stored, but I thought that the variable would be “J_E1_i_1_Traslacion”

Ah, okay. Yes, the property with the name of your joint can be used to read/set the value of joint object, but the VALUE is better to use since VALUE can override and update the value without worry.

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