Send signal to sensor to resume process on conveyor


I am making a demo about a process including a machine, sensor conveyor and conveyor. It works fine when the part stops at the sensor (OnSensorAction I chose StopPart) and the signal from sensor triggers movement of the machine. However, I have tried many ways but don’t know how to reset the signal so that the part can continue its path. In Process Executor tab, you can see that I tried to send FALSE signal back to the sensor but it does not work.
Thank you very much.

HI @thanhh019 ,

You could try using the “StopConveyor” mode for the sensor. After the machine process, send a True to the conveyor “PowerOnSignal”.

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Thank you for your advice. I have tried it but the process still stops and does not resume (picture below).

I think sending 1 will not work, you would need to send “True” because it only accepts type Boolean.

This is the error I get if I send 1 from my testing
Process Node::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::Process #1::Send Signal error: An error occurred while trying to get the value from the expression: Unable to cast value of type Integer to type Boolean

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The problem is still not fixed. I am really confused.

use “True” with only capital T

So, Boolean type only reads “True” or “False” exactly as I typed

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Thank you for helping me so much. It works now. However, now it is not in loop. As from the next part, I do not know why the process stops at WaitSignal. I wonder that maybe the signal is reset or something and is there anything to fix this?

From your image, I saw 2 errors in the WaitSignal statement:

  1. The correct Signal to use should be SensorBooleanSignal
  2. Put “True” to Condition setting

For the Process Executor tab, while loop is not necessary as the whole process will be executed repetitively.